May 1 - 五月一号 ღ(。◕‿◕。)ღ

[Let go the old, Welcome the New ><]
[I hope this time will not do the same mistake any more!!]
Ho ho today is labor day~~ so yesterday my family and i was cerebrating~~
my mama was cook the "HuoGuo" - steam boat??(no really good in english ==)!!
Emm~~ Yummy!!!
The hot sup~ design by my mama ==
no many thing, bcoz only 3 of us ~

Today, we go to MP and dataran to shopping,
I go to DP japan shop - Daiso by cheap stuff!!
All thing in the shop is RM 5 ==
hehe, then we go to Own Town drink coffee,
before we reach there, i founded a new japan shop~
Call Yokoso Japan?? (no really sure about spelling ==)
Aiz... today i spend money very much ><
buy father and mother days present ~
and buy novel to read xD..
Lastly before we go buy,
we buy the 1901 hotdog, go back eat xD...

( I wander all the worker in MP and DP izzit taking 3x income?? xD)

--------------------End of Today Journey--------------------